Figure[White to move]

Loosening the Target by Disabling its Guards.

Now let's consider other ways of loosening a piece that you hope to fork: capturing its guard or luring the guard away with an attack on something else it protects.

White has two queen checks in the example to the left: Qa3 and Qb4. Both moves also attack the bishop on a5, but the bishop is guarded by the knight at c6. There are two natural ways to deal with this: capture the bishop with another piece, so that the knight recaptures and is then a good target (our previous theme); or take out the knight directly. White has nothing attacking the bishop, so an exchange of the sort considered in the previous section is not possible. But does White have anything attacking the guard? Yes: 1. BxN, d7xB leaves the Black bishop loose; Qa3+ then takes it.