Figure[White to move]

Combining Back Rank Themes with Discoveries.

We turn to intersections between the back rank mating theme and the discovered attack. In this first case your eye should be drawn to the battery of queen and rook on the open c-file; then you see a bishop on c7 and realize you have the kernel of a discovery. If your bishop moves you have two heavy pieces aimed at c8 and the square is guarded just once, by the Black bishop on b7. Since this is a mate threat your bishop will have a free move, and you therefore look for a Black piece on a dark square that the bishop can attack. The knight on h4 is loose and thus makes a perfect target. White plays 1. Bg3; if Black doesn’t move the knight, White takes it next move. If Black does move his knight, White mates with 2. Qc8+, BxQ; 3. Rc8#.