Figure[Black to move]

The Knight As a Substitute in Morphy's Mating Pattern.

The knight can fill many of the same roles filled by rooks, bishops, and pawns in the mates considered so far. Often the crucial work done by a bishop or rook, for example, really just involves sealing off one or two squares or providing cover on them, and a knight is perfectly capable of doing that sort of job; depending where it sits it can cover squares either in diagonal relationships or in horizontal or vertical relationships. We saw a moment ago, for example, how a bishop can support a mating attack by providing cover for a queen on both h7 and f7—a useful way to prevent an enemy king from escaping along the back rank. But the knight can do it, too, as the diagram here shows: on g5 a knight performs the same function that a bishop on g6 would. In this case White will mate in a moment with Qxf7.