Figure[Black to move]

Blackburne's Mate and Kindred Spirits.

We have seen that a knight and bishop, or knight and rook, can create pressures similar to what a bishop and rook can create. Sometimes a pair of bishops can be enough to do the job, too. Consider the position to the left, where Black is mated. White has a bishop controlling the long diagonal and bearing down on h8. The king’s only flight square is g8. We know that it can be sealed off by putting a heavy piece on the g-file if the file is open; that is Morphy’s mate. We also know that a knight on h6 can get it done. Now add another method to the catalogue: a bishop aimed at g8 once the f-pawn has stepped forward. In a sense this mating idea combines Morphy’s mate with Greco’s, since the first uses a bishop attack against h8 and the second uses a bishop attack against g8.