About the Dinosaurs.

This site is titled Predator at the Chessboard, and is decorated with dinosaurs; yet the dinosaurs pictured are herbivores. Is this not a contradiction of some sort? In fact it isn't; and this, patient reader, for two reasons.

First, if you unexpectedly were to encounter a Stegosaurus or a Triceratops—such as, perhaps, the handsome one shown to the left—you yourself would regard it as a decidedly formidable predator, would you not? But second and more to the point, the complaint about the dining habits of the pictured dinosaurs reflects, I say, a failure of perspective and imagination; for you too hastily are assuming that they are the predators. Has it occurred to you that they are the prey, and that you are the Tyrannosaurus (or, perhaps, the Allosaurus) intending to dine on them? That is the sort of thinking this site means to encourage. After reading it for a while, situations that formerly caused you to react with dread and an instinct for defense and retreat will instead inspire you to think by habit—aye, and with relish—about making a meal of your opponent.

Either that, or plants make underrated prey; but Herbivore at the Chessboard didn't have the same ring to it.