Figure[White to move]

In this variation White has power on the e-file but a challenge in trying to get at Black’s king. Examining every check, even those that involve large sacrifices, brings Qxf7+ and QxR+ into view. Qxf7+ leaves White without a decisive follow-up move that holds the initiative. But ask how the board would look after 1. QxR+, KxQ. You might notice the classic pattern of a king at the edge of its pawn cover and the kernel of a bishop-and-rook discovery for White (we saw the same idea a moment ago); or you might just consider any checks you would be able to give with the king on its new square. Either way you find Bc5+, which drives the king back to its original square g8—but now with White’s queen and Black’s rook both off the board. White mates with Re8.