Figure[White to move]

With Black’s f-pawn out of the way White looks for methods of getting pressure against g8. His bishop is aimed that way, and is blocked only by his own knight. This is good news, for it means White has the kernel of a discovery on the needed diagonal. Perhaps as the knight leaps out of the way it also can provide pressure against h8 and complete the mate. The g6 square is loose, so the idea looks promising. White just needs a way to get his knight to g6 in two moves that hold the initiative. The surest way to control the position is with a double check: Ne7++. In reply to a double check there is no choice but to move the king, so Kh8 is forced on Black. Now Nxg6 mates. This position resembles some of those in the previous section: a bishop on the diagonal ready to contribute to mate, and masked by a friendly knight that can complete the pattern if properly positioned. It's a powerful configuration if you can manage it.